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Specializing in 1 of a kind handmade jewelry


Designs of previously custom-designed pieces may inspire your next bespoke ring set. If you can dream it, Albrittons can do it.


Earings put the final touch on any look. From studs to hoops, to custom charms, If you can dream it, Albrittons can do it.


For the true playa, tune-up your grill with gold and diamonds. If you can dream it, Albritton’s can do it.
Cross Diomand Pendants

Custom Pennants

For the baller or brawler, custom pennants can put your style on display. If you can dream it, Albritton’s can do it


Designed in white, rose or classic gold, choose bangles, or diamond bracelets. If you can dream it, Albrittons can do it.


A staple of any collection is a custom chain. Make a bold statement or be content with understated elegance. If you can dream it, Albritton’s can do it.

The creative process

  • Find Inspiration

A fine timeless piece should evoke emotion and good feelings. Inspiration can come from any imaginable source. Devin takes your ideas and works with you side by side to shape them into reality. If you can imagine it Devin can do it

  • The Jam Session

Bring Devin your wildest ideas. Don’t worry about having them completely thought through. He is used to working with magazine clippings, saved video screenshots, other jewelry pieces, and even dreams. He’ll discuss with you what will work and how he can take your concept to volume 11.

  • Back to the Studio

Devin does his work in a studio well equipped with modern tools to shape, polish and mold any sized piece. Using only the finest materials, he blocks out distractions and goes into a focused mode that only artists understand. He’ll need time to craft, experiment and perfect the design. When its done, its done, and not before. Clients know that they have a bespoke piece found nowhere else in the world.

  • The Reveal

The birthday of your piece is the day it is revealed. It’s the day you’ve waited for and the time you see your creation for the first time. It’s more than just bling, it’s the culmination of your ideas and what you desired. It represents achievement, love and remembrance. For Devin, he feels satisfaction when his clients are speechless gazing at the artistry. For Devin it’s the end of a process he spent sometimes hundreds of hours on. And its all worth it.

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